Friday, June 22, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp

This is Lucas' sixth year at day camp, he started attending when he was three and Timmy was only 4 months old.  Now Timmy is a Tiger!  I was in the tot lot with the younger two, so I didn't get many pictures of my Cub Scouts.  It wasn't as hot this year and thanks to the water backpacks my kids were well hydrated!

Day Camp 2012

sequence of events

playing at the park

group shot

not often can I get all four boys in the picture at once...

biscuits and balloons

The boys had fun getting balloon creations after the Biscuit Brothers concert at the Domain.  Timmy has a crown, Zachary an airplane flown by a dog, and Lucas is a knight with helmet, sword, and shield.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Inks Lake

After spending one night at home, we were off again, camping with my parents at Inks Lake.

Inks Lake Camping

Sarasota May 2012

After the cruise, we drove to Sarasota to visit Doug's family.  His grandmother is 95 and his grandfather is 94, so it's always a blessing to see them again.  The boys really enjoyed playing with their cousins.


10th Anniversary Cruise

Doug and I decided to celebrate out 10th anniversary with a family vacation.  For our honeymoon, we took a Disney Cruise, so for our 10th anniversary we did it again!   It was a very different experience with 4 children, but we made a lot of memories!

Disney Cruise