Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring break

Spring Break at the farm

first baseball game

 Timmy at his first t-ball at bat.  They had their first game yesterday, and he's looking forward to the next one.  Zacahry joined him in running the bases after the game.

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field trip

Timmy's class took a field trip to a goat dairy.  Zachary, Joshua, and I went along.  They cut soap and made cheese.  Joshua took a nap.
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baseball practice

 Timmy is starting t-ball.  Zacahry wishes he could join the team (in the orange shirt).
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We borrowed my sister's dog's Great Pyranese puppies for a few days... too cute!
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Math exhibit

We visited the Children's Museum to see their new math exhibit.  Joshua had enough after a few hours, but his big brothers enjoyed it!

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 Lucas' den made this fun cart themselfves (with some help from he dads).
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outside time

Also take a month ago, pictures of the younger two and me enjoying some time outside.
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Birthday pictures (only a month late)

Timmy celebrated his 6th birthday a month ago!  He painted the piniata himself.
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