Monday, August 29, 2011

Fullness of Truth Conference

We had a great time in San Antonio at the Fullness of Truth conference over the weekend. I wasn't sure how many talks I'd get to hear with the kids along, but they behaved very well. The resort hotel had free popcorn and movies every evening, a shady lazy river to swim in, a small sandy beach to play on, and a campfire with s'mores. We saw many friends there and learned more about our faith from some wonderful speakers. May have to do it again next year!
Fullness of Truth Conference

Quiet day at the Museum

We met some friends at the children's museum today. It was very quiet there with everyone back in school. Zachary enjoyed sampling the plastic food and Timmy tried his hands at making tamales.

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Work in progress

Raising kids is messy work.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

3 boys in a box

The boys love to fill the box with cushions and jump into it off the banister (when they can get away with it).

Don't you love Zachary's nails? My sister, of all people, did that! I was told Zachary did a number on her toes trying to return the favor.
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More random cuteness

Zachary tries to use the train track as a hula-hoop

We ordered pizza on Monday, and in the few minutes I was gone to pick it up, Zachary cried himself to sleep by the front door waiting for me.
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Family Retreat

Our Regina Mater family retreat had a great theme this year... a joyful "yes!" Unfortunately Timmy came down with a stomach bug just before it started, then we all missed the second day when Lucas caught it too. We said a joy "yes" to trying to keep others from getting ill. Didn't Kim do a great job on the cake?
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Jet Skiing at City Park

Our good friend Lucy took us out on her Jet Ski last week. We had fun, although I am sad to report one casualty... my wedding/engagement ring is now at the bottom of Lake Austin.
City Park

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Random silliness

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Marble Mania

This morning we had some friends over to play, and Lucas and Dominic started building this marble run. Lucas finally finished it just before dinner, without any adult assistance. I was very impressed.
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