Monday, February 28, 2011

Timmy's day on the farm

As a birthday present from his Aunt, Timmy got to spend some time on the farm. There were two 5 day old goats to play with!
Timmy on the farm

Cub Scouts Blue & Gold banquet

Lucas entered a cake in the cake competition at his pack's Blue and Gold banquet and won second place! His cake was the chocolate one, the other picture is the cake that won first place.
Cub Scout Cake

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Timmy turns 5!

Thank you Lord for blessing us with Timmy, and for blessing him with so many good friends!
Timmy's 5th Birthday party

Presidential day play date

We had a seven hour play date with my brother's daughters on President's Day. The cousins had a lot of fun together.
Cousin play date

Big shoes to fill

Zachary walking around in his daddy's shoes.
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I love seeing these flowers in the spring, they must be very robust to survive in our yard!
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Candid shots

The boys were playing with camera and took some great pictures!

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Bubble fun

Timmy loves playing with touchable bubbles! He turned 5 years old today! 
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

Valentines date

We had a very nice day. First a party at Zilker park and a train ride, then introducing the boys to the rock outcropping I used to play on as a child (they love it as much as I did... except that Zachary tried to follow his brothers and fell off... ouch!), and finally a Biscuit Brothers concert at Central Market with Doug. I hope your day was wonderful as well!

Front yard guest

This owl showed up randomly in our front yard on Friday, taking a nap in the sun.
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light play at the park

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Super bowl

The kids were not interested in watching the game, but they had fun anyway. 
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Push daddy

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Sunday play

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I'm melting... oh what a world!

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Ice sabers

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snowy ablum

There are too many pictures to post separately, so I've put them all together in an album. Enjoy!
Snow 2011

Toddler silliness

 First Zachary wanted to put on big gloves (aka oven mitts) to warn up his hands after playing outside
  Then he decided to wear a box as a shoe.
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Friday, February 04, 2011

more snow pics

Lego snow man
Lego Star Wars fan
sledding caravan
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Lucas makes a snow-man...with his light saber
Zachary thinks it's fun to crawl through the snow.
My litte snow angel
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It started out well, then Lucas decided to try splatter painting. sigh.
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a friendly chicken
Zachary in the dog house
Timmy feeds acorns from his cousin to the pigs
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