Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cub Scout Day Camp

We had a great time at space-themed Cub Scout day camp last week. Lucas was with most of his den from Pack 89 in the "Canis Major" Wolf Den 1. Barbara did an awesome job as walking den leader. Timmy was in the "Sun and Moon" tot lot, but he spent much of the time with the wolves. Zachary divided his time between grandma (running the Duty to God and Country station)and mommy, who meandered back and forth between being a walking den leader for Canis Major and assisting with the tot lot.

Armadillo Day Camp 2010

Father's day

The third day after Lucas's birthday we went to our first Round Rock Express baseball game of the season, but I forgot the camera. We wanted to stay for the fireworks, but the game went into extra inning so we didn't get home until 11 pm. The next day we had to be at church by 9 am. We went back to the ball park for father's day and this time I did take pictures (but not of the game).


Children's Museum

The second day after Lucas's birthday, we took a friend to the Children's Museum and spent the day enjoying their "Big Games" exhibit.

Big Games


Zachary didn't ride the carousel, but he made new friends in the play area. He did really well in the movie, he slept through most of it!
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The day after Lucas's birthday we went to see Charlotte's Web at Lakeline Mall with a friend. Afterwards we rode the new carousel by the children's area.
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More inflatable fun

Whew! What a busy two weeks! First we spent a week celebrating Lucas' birthday with several fun activities, then we were at Cub Scout Day camp all this week. I'm finally getting caught up on pictures.
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Let me help!

As Zachary approaches his first birthday, he's getting more and more interested in doing what his big brothers do.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bouncy Fun

Yesterday we had a Regina Mater playdate at Loco-motion. We were there for 6 hours! My sister and her daughters came to play with us (and too these great pictures!)
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthday cake

Lucas wanted to make a cake using an idea out of the Family Fun magazine. This looks nothing like the one in the magazine, but he's happy with it and we had fun making it. It's kinda of candy-land meets medieval villiage (a church surrounded by small cottages). He even put a little creche in front of the church. We were going to start eating it last night, but they thought my house and the church were too pretty to eat, and neither boy would let "his" house be the one demolished first! So it lives to see another day. I don't think it will make it to his birthday, it would probably be stale by then.
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

napping blanket

Two babies sleeping at our Regina Mater play date this morning. It didn't last long.
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camping day two

Timmy found some see-saws (don't see many of those any more!) and we had fun playing on Grandpa's inflatable "island." Zachary fell asleep with his life vest still on (from his first canoe ride).
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Gone fishing

The morning after the storm Grandma took the boys fishing. They caught a turtle, a minnow, and a fish.
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Hide and seek!

Can you find the animal in this picture?
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Inks Lake campout day one

My first day at Inks Lake started very warm (I didn't arrive until afternoon). In the evening a fierce wind storm blew up, so we had to batten down the hatched (or put away the awning) on the pop-up camper. After sever hours of rain, there was a beautiful sunset reflecting off the water.
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5th grade graduation

Zachary and I attended my niece's 5th grade graduation. She recieved a big trophy for being a prolific reader. Way to go Jamie!
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Baby day

Today I had just the babies, Zachary and his cousin Anne, while the older boys went camping. We had a fun day.

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Parade of the decades

We went to Jamie's school to watch the parade of the decades. She was dressed as a teenage mutant ninja turtle from the 90s.
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Finger painting with chocolate pudding
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Up on the roof

Playing with friends from Regina Mater last week.
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