Saturday, March 27, 2010

Can we build it?

While we were home sick the kids spent a lot of time rediscovering their Christmas presents. Their favorites were the snap circuits and super structs. After watching a "Build it Bigger" on Ferris Wheels, Lucas decided to build one of his own (small scale).
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Hay baby!

Zachary watches us plant tomatoes.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Family update

They were long in coming, but new pictures are finally posted!

In other news, Zachary has discovered how to clap his hands, and it's so adorably cute! He's also decided that 23 pounds is too much to pick up off the floor, so he rolls if he wants to get anywhere (often getting stuck against something). Have to keep the floors clear now, he'll eat anything that's not too big or pureed. He still only has 2 teeth.

Timmy is progressing well in lessons, although his enthusiasm is waning fast. He can write his numbers and has read the first 9 Bob books. He doesn't like to admit it, but he can say many of his prayers in Latin just from hearing me teach them to Lucas.

Lucas amazes me... both his ability to comprehend complex subjects and his tendency to forget the simplest instructions (like don't move the play house while your younger brother is on its roof). He can be a really big help when he wants to. Just yesterday he browned a pound of hamburger meat for me to help make dinner. He'll often unload the dishwasher without being asked, or do a chore I've asked Timmy to do. He still has his moments, but the good ones usually outnumber the bad.

Planting time

We helped my sister plant crops about 3 weeks ago. The boys had fun putting compost (fresh from the neighbor's horse stalls across the road) by the handful on the potatoes. My sister has 10 kids now that the goats have kidded, but they don't keep her up at night.

Regina Mater family camp out

Between illnesses during spring break, we attended the Regina Mater family camp out at Eagles Wings Retreat Center. We were blessed with beautiful weather and wonderful friends in the serene hill country. We broke in my parent's new pop-up camper, and other than the van getting stuck in the mud and Doug getting a fever of 102 (precipitating a speedy departure) everything went really well.

We went hiking up meditation mountain (hill, really). The kids enjoyed climbing trees, flying kites, playing with bubbles, and exploring the creek. We attended an outdoor Mass and stations of the cross on Friday.


Zachary tries out the rocking chair in his big brother's Montessori classroom.
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Happy 100th Boy Scouts

We celebrated the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouting in America at the February Blue and Gold banquet
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Snow revisited

I finally downloaded pictures again from my camera... and realized it's been more than a month! Here are a few pictures from deconstructing the snowmen the day after it snowed.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sick

Sorry I haven't posted many updates lately... so far this month Zachary was sick or recovering March 3-5, then sick again March 9-13. Now he just has a cough and a bit of hoarseness. Timmy was sick March 12-14, but seems to have his energy back now, despite coughing a bit. And last night Lucas caught it. Doug has been in San Antonio March 5-6, 8-12, and went back today for a few more days. It's nice to see him on the weekends, and I am very grateful for my mother's close proximity. I hope we can get well enough to have some adventures/pictures worth posting.