Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Over Time

I have decided that I am not a big fan of this always-on work mentality. It is not very healthy for families. Doug has already put in about 45 hours of work this week (including 12 hours over the weekend and an all-nighter last night). Being salaried, he doesn't get any additional compensation for the extra time. I am grateful that he has a good job, but I am nostalgic for the idea of a 8-5 job where work can stay at work and not interrupt family time (i.e. no calls on the cell phone during odd hours of the night).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Snow

Timmy celebrated his 4th birthday by playing in snow!

Birthday snow

Birthday dinner

Timmy decided to go to Red Robin for his birthday dinner. I was occupied trying to prevent Zachary from eating everything he could get his hands on (like the box the crayons came in). Timmy was pleased with his special birthday dessert (which Lucas helped him finish).

Snow encounters

We thought we'd let Zachary play with some snow that came back inside with us when we took a break to warm up. Like everything else, it went straight in the mouth. Not quite what he was expecting!

Snow pictures!

Regina Mater called a snow day so we were able to stay home and play. These are from about an hour ago. What a birthday present for Timmy! We weren't out long, and I promise to dress the baby more warmly before we go out again (although he's well insulated even without clothes). I like the ice baseball "sculture" Lucas made on the batting tee. Timme was excitied about tasting fresch snow. Zach wasn't sure what to make of it, but he cried when we took him back inside!
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first daffodil

Our first bulb started blooming, just in time for the snow!
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Rockin baby

Zach loves his rocking horse, now that he sitting up more reliably.
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Baby eats sand

Timmy received some new sand for his birthday, so we thought we'd let Zachary try out the sand box. He decided sand was yummy, so I nixed the sand box and fed him dinner instead.
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cushion throne

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Parade floats

Lucas and Timmy both made floats for the Mardi Gras parade at Regina Mater today. Timmy's float is the superstructs tractor on the top left. Lucas made a box that dropped candy followed by a Lego alligator that picks things up. There were many creative floats and fun skits performed by the families. It was a very family friendly Mardi Gras celebration. We picked up more candy than we could eat at the parade! Now to make it disappear for six weeks.
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Early birthday

We celebrated Timmy's 4th birthday a week early, before Lent begins. We had cake and ice cream twice on Monday! After all these sweet (not to mention the Mardi Gras candy from colloquium tonight), I'm actually looking forward to Lent!
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Chocolate for Valentine's day

My lovely sister invited us over to share their chocolate fountain on Valentine's day. What a treat!
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On Saturday Doug had to work, and Timmy spent the day in his pajamas. Yep, he wore them to get his hair cut and then to go walking in the park. I wish I could still get away with that.
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Boy meets mud (again)

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Cute baby pictures

My sister's nanny goats have had kids and we went to see them and the new puppies last week. I put Zachary down a few times so I could pretend to help with the chores. Lucas and Timmy got muddy (of course).

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Welcome to God's family Helen

We are now the happy Godparents of Helen Marie, baptized on Saturday. May the Lord abundantly bless her and her entire family.
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Friday, February 05, 2010

School Trip

Regina Mater took a field trip to the St. Mary's Cathedral to visit Jesus in the Eucharist. Deacon Guadalupe did an amazing job facilitating a children's holy hour for us.
Eucharistic adoration

Timmy's deli

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Air Fair at the Museum

We took a field trip to check out the new exhibit at the children's museum. Lucas enjoyed the hat that switches your hearing around. Timmy really enjoyed playing at the air tables and serving pretend food at the play deli.

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Museum field trip

Lucas took Zachary into the wind area, and Zachary enjoyed gumming an apple slice while we ate lunch at the indoor bus stop. He's getting his first tooth, so he won't have that toothless grin much longer.

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Grandma on the ropes

We went to the Boy Scout Adventure Base 100 on Saturday. Lucas was too short to try the ropes course, but his grandma did!

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