Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Tree outing

Christmas Tree outing

For Aunt Melanie

We just had to take a picture of this tree for you, Aunt Melanie. Merry Christmas, we love you!
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Last day of fall at Balcones park

Fall at Balcones park

Main Street Bethlehem (Burnet, TX)

Main Street Bethlehem

Gingerbread house

A fun litttle 4th Sunday of Advent activity. Demolition immediatly followed construction (as seen by the little fingers in the second picture).
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cookies and chainmail

Who could resist the opportunity to try on chainmail at our last family Advent cookie gathering
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Scouts party

The last pack meeting of the year had at least two notable events: decorating the adult leaders like Chrtistmas trees and having a snowball fight (adults vs scouts) with paper snowballs.
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Buggy birthday party

I am very behind in posting pictures. A few weeks ago we attended a Jingle-bug themed 4th birthday party. The most popular game was throwing toilet paper around the living room.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

'Texas and the Cheese'

It's been a while since we posted, and I still haven't gotten around to putting together an album of my Far East trip, so instead I offer this - a story Lucas created at school. He dictated the story and his teacher (Meemaw) typed it up. Here it is, unedited.

Texas and the Cheese
by Lucas Haunsperger

Once there was a man named Texas with a huge mouth, about as big as a living room. He liked to eat almost anything. He could swallow up most things in one gulp. The rest he might have to chew a few times.He was the biggest and strongest giant on the planet, and the most dangerous too. He was as big as a house and his head was in the clouds.

Once Texas found a giant piece of cheese, so big it covered the whole U.S.A. He thought the people under the giant cheese might taste good, but he had to get to them first. Since he had the huge mouth, he ate the cheese. It took him only fifty days, uncovering a state each day. He wasn't interested in eating the people any more because he was full of cheese. Besides, everyone thanked him very much.

He roared with laughter, saying, "Oh, you don't have to thank me!" He thought, "I guess people aren't so bad - I guess I won't eat them anymore."

The people in Texas invited him to live in their state because it was such a big state and they liked his name. But he began to get hungry again because the cheese was gone. So he decided to walk to California looking for food.

The people in California promised to feed him if he could keep them from having any more earthquakes. Texas made some glue from the salt water and red rock in Utah, and added some white sand from White Sands National Monument. He used a long pipe to put the glue into all the cracks and using another pipe with holes in it, he spread out the glue.

The people in California thanked him and as promised, fed him large meals every day.