Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taking it easy

Timmy and I have enjoyed being home bodies this week. I keep suggesting places to go, but he'd rather stay home. So far we've made it to the grocery store and a doctor's appointment (which he slept through). I've actually run out of projects around the house and picked up my cross-stitch again.

I have escaped the house several evenings this week. On Monday the moms from Lucas' playgroup had a little baby "sprinkle" and we all went out to eat together. That was really pleasant.

Last night we had the church choir social, where we go to a restaurant together after our last rehearsal before our summer break. Our director for the last six years won't be returning, so it was also a farewell dinner.

On the baby front (which is getting bigger all the time), it looks like I'm at 4cm. Labor should be quick when it finally gets started, which probably won't be for another week or two. I don't mind waiting, I'm actually less uncomfortable now than I have been. Go figure.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Round Rock Express Game

June Ball Game

Busy week

Despite the heat wave, we had lots of fun last week. Sunday we invited our godson's family over for dinner. Our godson was such a mellow baby, but now he at the other extreme as a 3 year old!

Monday was Lucas' impromptu birthday party in Meemaw's backyard with the inflatable pool (I didn't have the energy to plan a big party so we had an informal pot-luck after his usual Monday class with his classmates). Monday and Tuesday I was without a car, so I borrowed one to take Lucas to his well-check (23% in height, 25% in weight) on Tuesday.

Wednesday I was supposed to have an OB/GYN appointment, and I took the boys so we could go to the museum afterwards since they are both downtown. The doctor was running late, and after 45 minutes they were tired of the three books I'd brought to read and were getting restless, so we rescheduled for this week. Then we went and spent several hours at the museum.

Thursday we had our third Latin lesson with the Gretencords. I'm learning as much as Lucas, which is one of the reasons I love homeschooling. Afterwards the Higgins family joined us for a playdate, which was lots of fun. It was good to see them again. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and Timmy was NOT HAPPY that one of the store employees pushed the cart out to the car. Even though I was right next to him, he thought he was being stolen. Very different personality from big brother, who makes new friends easily, especially with adults.

Friday was a four hour play date at the Central Market playground. I didn't expect it to last that long, but the playground is shaded, the food is convenient, and there was a nice breeze. Have to watch the birds, though... they'll steal your food if you turn your back for a moment. We took a walk to feed the ducks at the end, and that's when it started to feel hot (picture above).

Saturday was a dress-up tea party for my sister Melanie's birthday. She put a lot of work into it and it was different, but fun. Saturday night was a baseball game (pictures in a seperate entry). Afterwards it finally hit me that this baby could be born any day now, so I started thinking of all the things I had yet to do to get ready (like most everything).

Sunday I sang with the church choir after a five-week break (since the baby has dropped I can sing again). We went to the Outback Steakhouse to celebrate Father's day. In the afternoon, Lucas' godmother came over with her sons for a playdate. She was kind enough to bring me large quantities of baby clothes, which was great because I had loaned out all of our newborn-3 month clothes. Now he'll have something to wear home from the hospital.

This week I'm home with Timmy while Lucas braves the heat at Cub Scout Day Camp with Meemaw. I hope it doesn't feel as hot out there as the forecast makes it look.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 6th birthday, Lucas!

"Are you ready to take the picture yet so I can blow out my candles?"

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We attended Vacation Bible School at St. Albert this past week. At first Timmy and Lucas didn't want to go, but I had volunteered to work with the Saint-Centered Story Time station, so they didn't really have a choice. By the end of the second day they decided it was fun after all. Timmy was in the preschool class with Meemaw, and even though he preferred watching to participating, he picked up a lot.

Lucas was in the first-grade group with several friends. Each day we learned about a different saint... St. Juan Diego, St. Brigid of Ireland, St. Martin de Porres, St. Nicholas, and Blessed Kateri Tekawitha. There were five activities each day based on that saint... crafts, music, games, story-time and snack.

Cousin Jamie participated too, and made some great contributions to our discussions. It took a lot of energy, but I'm glad I could help out. I think I learned more from the kids than they learned from me!

(Thanks for the pictures Melanie!)
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Museum fun

Here are a few pictures from last week's birthday party at the museum. We really enjoyed the new exhibit and the boys can't wait to go back! John Paul, our Godson, is playing with the train table next to Timmy. Lucas loved using the die press to make paper cut-outs. Both boys enjoyed making music on the pipe instrument.
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

camera vacation

I haven't been using the camera much the last few weeks, but we have been doing some fun stuff. Here's a continuation of our summer journal....

On Memorial Day we went swimming with cousin Jamie at the pool until the kids got too cold. Timmy was frightened by the lifeguard, who didn't think he was old enough to be taking a shower by himself (I was watching Lucas in the pool).

The next day we went to the Children's Museum with a friend, who was looking forward to going down the three-story slide, until it actually opened. Then he decided to wait until next time. Lucas was very encouraging as Nathan spent 30 minutes trying to work up enough courage. Maybe next time.

That night we had great tickets to a Round Rock Express game thanks to Doug's coworker. It's a lot easier to watch the game when you're right behind home plate. The kids didn't make it to the playground until the seventh inning. Then power went out during the 8th inning, delaying the game, so we left before it ended.

On Wednesday, Doug and I had a nice lunch together to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We went to the new Roaring Fork location, which has a patio overlooking the lake at the Quarries. It was a beautiful day. Meemaw took the boys to play at Christine's property so it was a very peaceful day at home.

The next day we had a play date with two different families while their parents had various appointments. It was just me and six kids (seven if you include the one taking most of my energy at the moment). I had to mow the yard that morning so I wouldn't lose them in the grass in the backyard, but the mosquitoes were still hanging around. Timmy picked up quite a few bites.

Friday we played at the park for three hours with playgroup. Their big project was filling up an entire slide from bottom to top with rocks. This was complicated by one member of the group who insisted on going down that particular slide, so we had a little lesson on conflict resolution.

Monday was the last Kids 4 Jesus meeting of the academic year. I've really enjoyed leading the group these last two years, but I'm looking forward to a break. Near the end of the meeting the kids wanted to go play in the backyard, but I didn't realize that our sprinklers were going off! I'm sure it was the highligh of the meeting for most of them.

Wednesday, we celebrated Lucas' birthday early by going to Schliterbahn. I didn't go, but my parents joined Doug and the boys for some fun. It was a great day to go, the weather wasn't too hot (the boys had to warm up periodically in the hot tub) and the lines were very short. I ran errands and looked over the VBS materials in preparation for next week (I'll be helping lead one of the stations).

Thursday we met with our friends the Gretencords to have Lucas's first Latin lesson. The kids enjoy learning together and Sharon did a geat job teaching the lesson. Next week it's my turn.

Friday we spent most of the day at a park in Wells Branch and met several friends (some planned, others by coincidence). It was very nice outside, we were there about 4 hours. I fell asleep last night in the process of putting the kids to bed, and Doug was watching Rice play baseball, so they stayed up about an hour past their normal bedtime.

Today we'll be back at the museum, and maybe I'll actually take some pictures this time.