Saturday, May 23, 2009

Backyard Adventure

It's not exactly our backyard, but the park down the street does have plenty of room to explore. I took both boys to the pool by myself, it was remarkably easy since they both decided they were old enough to change by themselves in the men's room, so I had only me to take care of! Timmy still needed help changing out of his wet bathing suit. I tried doing some laps while they were showering off, but I only managed two before baby decided to shift positions in the most uncomfortable way. Oh, well.

We had a picnic lunch at the playground and went exploring. The boys spent about an hour hauling rocks up the dry waterfall and throwing them down to see if they would break.

On the way back they decided to build a dam where the spring goes across the old road (in the picture Lucas is gathering materials while Timmy is getting his feet wet). They dismantled it before we left. By then we were getting hot and tired so Timmy fell and scraped his knees on the way back to the car. Then we went home to read some the the 23 books they checked out at the library on the way to the park.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summertime adventures

We're trying to make the most of the nice weather this week, since we have more free time together. On Monday we met some friends at a nearby park, on Tuesday we went to my sister's property to explore and play for several hours (I forgot the camera), and today we visited the botanical garden again after my doctor's appointment (everything looks good for baby so far). Here are some pictures from earlier today.

botanical gardens spring

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

This was Lucas' last week of school so we've been a bit busier than usual. For Mother's day, we went to a Round Rock Express game with some friends from Lucas' T-ball team, which also has it's last game last a week ago. We went early because it was Balcones day, btu not early enough to walk around the field. They handed out roses to the moms (which wilted in the afternoon heat) and had a family picture taken. The kids had a lot of time to play before the game started.

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Soarin' skyward

Out local elementary has a special event called Soaring Skyward. The first activity is always a hot air balloon. It was too windy to have the balloon out, but the kids were impressed by the fire and the talk. Since Lucas' school doesn't start until an hour later, we stopped by with our carpooling friends to watch on the way. Even had some time to play on the playground.
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Fun Fest

Timmy was a little nervous about the huge lizard at the church festival a few weeks ago, but the kids had a good time.

We had sno cones and cake (won from the cake walk) for lunch.
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Cousin Love

Lucas and Timmy enjoy playing with their cousin Anne. She is six months old now, and as sweet a baby as can be.
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