Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Timmy!

Many thanks to our friends who celebrated with us.

Timmy's 3rd birthday

Bob the Builder visits the Children's Museum

On the day before his birthday, we took Timmy to the Children's Museum to see Bob the Builder, who was visiting to promote an upcoming show at the Long Center. Grandma entered a drawing and won 4 tickets to see the show! What a fun birthday present!
Bob at the museum

Iron Chef

Our friend Kyle hosted an Iron Chef party at his house last night. The secret ingredient was cream cheese. Every adult who came prepared a dish or three (or brought drinks). Lucas was a good sport and tried most everything until he was too full to eat more. Timmy slept through most of it, but sampled a few things afterwards. I made Cream Cheese Kolaches using Laura Berwick's grandmother's recipe. Doug was not able to reclaim his title this year; he made a King Cake. We had a lot of fun and good food.
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Baseball begins

Doug and Lucas ready to attend their first spring T-ball event yesterday. Doug will coach Lucas' team this season.
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Couch Castle

A little creativity and a lot of imagination
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Dino dig

Excavating for "dinosaur fossils" in moon sand
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Birthday gifts

Timmy received some great gifts from his Aunt Melanie and cousin Jamie... a Thomas book, a train gift card, and moon sand with dinosaur molds. Thanks!
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Friday, February 20, 2009


We had a family dinner to celebrate Timmy's third birthday. We'll celebrate with friends on his actual birthday (Monday) so I should have more picturtes then. Stay tuned to see my attempt to make a "scary rainbow ghost piniata".
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Cheerful signs of Spring

Not much longer until spring allergy season. Yeah.
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Little girls

Since I don't have any girls of my own to play with yet, I sometimes borrow some from my friends.
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Cheesie pic

Timmy with Cheetos on the Children's Museum bus
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Timmy's mud cake recipe

First, place sand in bucket

Next, add some water

Finally, place in cake pan and leave in the sun to bake for several hours
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Swing or flying saucer?

They have some interesting playground equipment at a park near Lucas' school.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mass day

Lucas dresses up a bit more on days the students attend mass.

Not to be out done, Timmy spent the morning with Meemaw in his pajamas. He did eventually put on his "day clothes," with the shirt backward, but he matched some friends at playgroup who had backwards day at their school.

I had a baby check-up, so far everything looks good. Doug was nice enough to add the ticker at the top of the page for me. In the last week or two I've been starting to feel the baby move. Even though I've done this several times now, I still find it amazing to think that I have the privilege of hosting another little person inside me.

And, unsurprisingly, now that Lucas is in school we've both come down with something. Hopefully it will pass soon. I don't mind watching my own while I'm sick, but I can't in good conscience watch other people's children, and I hate to inconvenience them by making them find other arrangements.

Oh, and since I probably won't post tomorrow, an early "happy birthday" to Andrew.
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Leavin' on a jet plane

Taking Daddy to the airport last Tuesday. He's spent the last two weeks in Colorado Springs for work. The boys love watching the bags "disappear" behind the black curtain and appear at the baggage carousel. One of Lucas' ambitions is to be a baggage handler at the airport, so he can figure out how it all works. The elevators and escalators are also a favorite. At this age, it's just another amusment park.
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First day of 1st grade

I know it's February, but homeschoolers sometimes use non-traditional schedules. Here is Lucas in his uniform getting ready for his first day of "away" school. He attends classes two and a half days a week, and has lessons at home the other days. It's only been a week, but he's already bonded with his teacher and classmates. I've visited his class several time, and his nine classmates are always eager to help him. Very different from his transition into ECDC, where he begged not to go the first few weeks, now he tells me it's okay if I'm late comming to pick him up.
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Touch of winter

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