Monday, January 26, 2009

Better late than never...

I guess it's been awhile since our last update, so here's a quick list of what we've been up to...

I expect most of you already know, but in case we've missed anyone, we're expecting again in mid-July. Boy, girl, who knows and who cares... I just hope we get the chance to get to know this one.

We spent last week on a whirlwind tour through West Texas and New Mexico. On Saturday, after a brief stop at the LBJ National Historical Park, we drove to Balmorhea State Park (a large spring-fed swimming pool in the middle of the West Texas desert) in a rented RV. On Sunday we attended a bilingual mass in Pecos before driving to Carlsbad Caverns (or Bad Caverns as Lucas calls them). We returned there on Monday to hike our way in from the natural entrance and take a tour of the Kings Palace. On Tuesday we drove up into the Lincoln National Forest and played in the snow in beautiful, sunny 50 degree weather. We also drove to Sunspot to tour the National Solar Observatory. Wednesday morning we drove down through Alamagordo and toured the New Mexico Museum of Space History before continuing on to White Sands National Monument. We spent Wednesday night at the Oliver Lee State Park and hiked the Dog Canyon Tail back into the Lincoln National Forest to enjoy some spectacular views. We drove through El Paso back to Balmorhea, but they were full. After swimming with the fish and dinner, we continued to Sonora, TX. IFriday morning we toured the Caverns of Sonora, ate lunch at South Llano River State Park, and made it back to Austin around sunset. The pictures are here

New Mexico vacation

In other news, we've been in the process of applying to a homeschooling co-op names Regina Mater. If all goes well, Lucas may begin next week. He finished his Kindergarten cirriculum around Christmas (not surprising since we started in March) so he'll be joining the combined first and second grade class (all of ten students total) for the last few months of their school year. At first Lucas was dead set against it, but after spending about an hour with his class, he decided he could try it for at least a month. The kids are amazingly non-competative, since they progress at their own pace and aren't measured against their peers. Although I've enjoyed homeschooling, I've discovered that the teaching is easy, it's the motivating that's difficult. Sometimes it's just more fun to have classmates. We'll try it and see, he couldn't ask for better classmates. He'll be attending 2 days a week, possibly Friday mornings as well. We're hoping it's the best of both worlds.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock 1/09

Balcones Park

Ian hefts a rock to toss over the dry waterfall

Timmy tries to wander off into mischief

Stephen plays with his new toy

Melody joins in the rock-toss
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Botanical Gardens in December

Zilker Gardens