Monday, September 29, 2008



Doug has been looking forward to playing T-ball with Lucas for many months. He finally had his first practice/game yesterday. Since the coach was out of town Doug assisted the assistant coach. Lucas played first base. He scored two runs (not that they keep count) and made at least one out. It was a hoot to watch. I'd say it was a lot more cooperative than competitive, and all the coaches encouraged boys on both teams (and occasionally gave them a bit of assistance). Should be a fun season.
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Family Math Meeting 2


Taking a break from Math activities to play volleyball.

Timmy and his favorite snack- dates
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My boys

Allow me to brag a bit, will you? Here's a video of schooltime at our house. Timmy (in his undies, sorry..) is putting together a puzzle of the United States with minimal help while Lucas is listening with rapt attention to Mommy read about parts of the atmosphere, jet streams, and weather systems. The boys are scary smart, and they have a great teacher in Teresa. :)

Name that animal

Ice cream art
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K4J - first meeting


We had our first K4J meeting last week - that's Kids for Jesus for the uninitiated. Our theme was Give Gifts 24/7, our mission for the month is to pray the morning offering every day, and the snack was making graham cracker gift boxes.
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My favorite things


Timmy in his natural habitat.
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