Sunday, June 22, 2008


Lucas and Timmy are really close, it's so fun watching them play together. Lucas even talked his crew leaders into letting Timmy accompany his group of Kindergardeners in VBS on Friday. Sibling are such a blessing!
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St. Albert's VBS

We had a great time at St. Albert's this past week participating in Vacation Bible School. The theme was "The Pirates Who Don't do Anything" from Veggie Tales, about unlikely heros. I was one of the adults working in the "Bible Theater" putting on scripted re-enactments of such bible stories as Moses and the burning bush; Gideon's defence of Isreal; Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego; Peter's attempt at walking on water; and Paul's shipwreck. We were in a hallway, with little time to prepare our sets, so I'm glad the kids had a good imagination!

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There were some "rainy day" activities left over after day camp, so we brought one home. It's like Christmas in June!

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Happy Birthday Lucas!

Lucas turned 5 on Father's day. We had a small party with family and he recieved some very nice gifts from his Aunt Melanie. We'll celebrate with friends in July, we've had a very busy month!

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Day Camp Wed-Fri

Day Camp part 2

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More day camp fun

Timmy's portable nap-mat, arts and crafts, and fishing.

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Room to grow

We're having fun out at Cub Scout day camp this week. Lucas, Timmy, and I are going around with a group of Tigers (even though Lucas is a year younger, he can hold his own in most things). Timmy's not able to do many of the events, but he tries what he can.

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Walk for Life

My thanks to all of you who sponsored Lucas in the Walk for Life. He met his goal of $200, with a little help. He had fun getting his face painted and walking with his good friend Therese (who was smiling shortly before I took this picture, and smiling again shortly after). We had fun supporting a good cause.

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Backyard fun

Lucas and his cousin emptying the pool

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