Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Music Festival

The boys and I went to the family music festival at Pioneer Farms a few Saturdays back. Lucas was looking forward to the hay maze, but it turned out to be post-harvest instead of the pre-harvest hay maze they have a Sweetberry Farms. Their favorite attractions were the pumpkins, the blacksmith, and the water pump. The hay ride was fun, but it just went in circles around a small field. Oh, yeah, there was music too. But I apparently enjoy listening to the Biscuit Brothers more than they do.

Something to write about

Lucas decided to practice writing the alphabet with our sidewalk chalk. I didn't know he knew how to write!
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Under Construction

Over the past few weeks the city has been resurfacing the roads in our neighborhood. After spending many hours watching, Lucas has become a bit of an expert on the process (I'm trying to get him to write a book about it). It's a two-day process, on day one the machine below with the conveyor belt tears up the top few inches of road surface, and deposits it in dump trucks (or school buses, as Timmy calls them) to be carted off. On day two dump trucks bring hot asphalt (from the plant in Buda) which is put in the spreader, and compressed by the rollers. The corners are pried up by jackhammers. It's quite a production, requiring crews of 8-12 people, but the workers were very friendly. One even let Lucas "help" shovel a bit of hot asphalt (he was very proud of the tiny amount of rock he transported in the shovel, and the workers were impressed that he knew where to get it, and where to put it). It was a very educational "field trip", especially since we didn't have to go far afield. I just wish I had more pictures.
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Watching the gears turn

We spent another fun morning at the children's museum. Lucas likes the Tinkerer's Workshop, while Timmy seems to be more musically inclined.
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Friday, October 05, 2007

Zilker Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

On a roll

Sometimes kids do the strangest things.
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Texas historical musem

We went to the Bob Bullock Texas State Historical Museum with Great Aunt Joy, who's visiting from California. Here Timmy impersonates a volunteer guide. Then he decided to go explore the moon. We couldn't take many pictures inside the museum, but the boys did better than I expected. Timmy's favorite exhibit was the elevators.
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MOMS club fall dress-up festival (Lucas wore this when he was younger).
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Just horsing around at the park
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