Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lucas cuteness

One story shows his angelic side, one his devious...

This past weekend was our parish's feast day (the Feast of St. Louis was Aug. 25th). There was a special Mass Saturday night followed by a dinner in the parish hall.

After Mass, Lucas decided he wanted to spend some (more) time with Jesus, so he took me over to the Adoration Chapel, where our parish has perpetual Eucharistic adoration. I stood in the back while he sat down, crossed himself, and began to pray in a whisper. I was proud of what I heard: "Jesus, please make it harder to make bad choices and easier to make good choices. Amen."

Later, at the dinner, Fr. Larry was drawing numbers out of a hat and calling the tables one by one to get in line for food. After several tables had been called (but not ours yet), Lucas apparently decided we'd waited long enough. He hopped out of his seat and wandered up to the front of the room. It was later reported to us that he asked Father, "Father Larry, can you arrange it so our table is called next?" Of course this was asked in the sweetest Lucas-voice imaginable. Sure enough, the next number called - "31!" - was our table.

We're going to have to work on the patience thing a bit... :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Arrrrgh, pirate Lucas!

Lucas finds mascara and tries it on.
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Lucas learns to swim

Lucas swimming

Last Saturday's errands

on the go

Builder's workshop

Builder's Workshop

Fun with friends

water fun with Isaac

Napping house

This was one of the books at the last storytime, Lucas enjoyed it so much he brought it home! (Sorry the picture's up-side-down, blogger is being weird today!)
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Story time

Lucas and Timmy enjoy going to story time at the library. Too bad they take August off!
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Taiwan pictures

Taiwan July 2007

More from the top of Taipei 101

The best shot from the top is actually a movie I captured with the camera: