Monday, May 28, 2007

Lucas' introduction to politics

We were at a Memorial Day service at the cemetery this morning. Also in attendance were our state representative, Mark Strama, and one of our Senators, John Cornyn. After the service, Lucas went up to each and was chatting with them about lawmaking. Rep. Strama was amused and chatted with him for quite a while about what was going on in the Texas House. Then they argued for a while on which was the better job at the airport - pilot or baggage handler. (Lucas wants to be a baggage handler when he grows up.) Strama gave Lucas permission to look up his (now 5-month-old) daughter in about 15 years.

Sen. Cornyn was a bit more distant - don't get me wrong, I like his politics - he just wasn't quite as friendly as Rep. Strama. Seemed like he just wanted the photo op. Lucas asked him why he became a lawmaker, and he just listed his qualifications (attorney, judge, AG of Texas). Lucas asked what laws he had made; Cornyn answered that he 'fought for good laws and tried to stop bad ones.' We had to explain to him on the way home why some laws were bad.

Me: 'What do you think would be an example of a bad law?'
Lucas: 'A law that said you couldn't go potty any more.'


Now he wants to be a baggage handler and maybe make some laws on the side.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fun with water

Brushy Creek picnic

Take a hike

exploring with Grandpa

Let's eat

End of class pot-luck (kid's table).
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Final class

Lucas blows out the candles after the last presentation at the Catechist of the Good Shepherd Atrium. It's amazing how much he's learned in that class.
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Timmy finger painting (at least this time he didn't eat the paint)
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Cruising with Chuck E.

Timmy enjoying himself at Lucas' playgroup. He's getting in all four molars (two on the left have broken through) so he can be grumpy at times.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day at the farm

Crowes Nest

Baseball Game


Meemaw's Mother's day gift...


Hot Rodder

Timmy loves playing on Lucas' tricycle. Lucas has become very adept at riding it. He rode it all the way to the park and home (about 1 1/2 miles... only one face plant).
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Too small

Lucas tries on Timmy's pants
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